About Us

Pure American Hemp Oil (PAHO) is a Veteran owned company that manufactures and distributes premium CBD, zero-THC hemp products, which are made and extracted in the USA.

We source, extract, bottle and ship from Tennessee out of an ISO, FDA, cGMP, NSF certified facility. The hemp industry and the benefits of use for our customers is very important to us. We believe in our products so much that our friends and family stand by them, as well as ourselves. We also believe in core values such as efficiency, customer service, optimal ability, and safety. In fact, safety is the reason why we evolved from formulating and bottling our own product to partnering with the best lab and fulfillment facility in the country.

Give us a try and see why our premium hemp derived CBD products will give you optimal balance in life.

Estate Grown Hemp

Our hemp partners operate farms in the great agricultural state of Tennessee. With superior knowledge of the hemp plant and it’s needs to grow and flourish, each farm plants what grows best in their fields. We provide the strains that are planted, field by field. Combined with the generational touch of our farmers, harvests remain robust and continue to provide consistent hemp material for our extracts.

PAHO utilizes a method of CO₂ extraction which gently extracts the naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, plant oils and waxes. These elements are what make up a great broad spectrum oil.

We further refine the broad spectrum oil to effectively remove the THC, producing a wonderfully bottled hemp oil product as offered to our community today. Our broad spectrum oil is the genesis of the Pure American Hemp Oil product line.

Professional Filling, Packing & Shipping

Pure American Hemp Oil’s broad spectrum material is extracted, formulated and bottled on-site by our facility.  The resulting product is always in sight of the field in which it was harvested. Our facility is FDA, cGMP, NSF and ISO compliant.  We ship from our fulfillment office in Austin Texas using UPS or USPS, offering 2-3 day shipping in the USA.  We pick / pack / ship same day before Noon CST.

Quality – Direct from Us to You

Pure American Hemp Oil provides our customers with the best hemp products on the market. We acknowledge the fact that adding a new element to your daily healthcare routine can be expensive, therefore we hold our products to reputable standards. We value long term relationships with our customers and strive to exceed expectations.

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