Do you ship to all 50 states?

Yes we do.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. We highly recommend insurance. Once your order is shipped, we cannot be responsible for lost or confiscated shipments.

What is “Full Spectrum”?

This refers to the full plant extract that contains all of the major cannabinoids and terpenes naturally present. All full spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil must have at least trace amounts of THC to be considered full spectrum since the plant naturally produces THC. In other words: there truly is no such thing as “Zero THC Full Spectrum” hemp oil.

What is “Broad Spectrum”?

Broad Spectrum is a hemp oil distillate that features numerous phytocannabinoids and has zero percent THC. By breaking down the cannabinoids and terpenes into their individual compound solutions, they can then be recombined into various formulas with complete control and precision, allowing our company to individualize a particular hemp oil distillate blend.

What is the legal limit of THC?

The legal limit according to the 2018 US Farm Bill is 0.3% Delta 9 THC. We do not ship any products with ANY amount of THC above 0.3%.

What does zero THC mean?

Zero means no detectable levels of THC in laboratory analysis.

What does it mean when my CBD oil crystallizes? CBD oil will crystallize at potencies above 60%. This is completely natural and can be easily converted back to an oil by applying heat at 75 degrees over a period of time.

Why do you separate the terpenes completely from your distillate?

We have developed a proprietary extraction technique that can preserve a huge amount of the terpenes in their most natural state. This can only be accomplished by separating them completely from the cannabinoids. All cannabis plants produce varying amounts of terpenes which produce different effects.

Do you provide Certificates of Analysis for your products?

Yes. All of our raw materials and finished products are analyized by independent third party laboratories, as well as our in-house quality assurance staff. We do maintain extensive COA report records and include COAs with every order. (These are typically delivered via e-mail by your sales rep when your order ships).

Are your products cGMP certified?

Yes. All of our finished products are manufactured in a cGMP and ISO certified facility that is registered with the FDA and routinely inspected and audited by the respective certification organizations.

Do you offer product liability insurance on your finished products?

Yes. All of our finished products are backed by ample product liability insurance coverage, and we are able to furnish Certificates of Insurance that list our customer as “Also Insured” upon request.

Are Hemp and Marijuana the same thing?

No.  But let a Scientist tell you that:


Why was hemp made illegal to grow in 1937?

Good question.   Here is a good overview of what happened and when:

Why is this illegal?

Any other questions email info@paho.us or call: (775) 499-1010

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